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"When I presented my challenges to Accra-Wire Controls, it was apparent that the technology used in tension control and coil handling could really help us. We are now able to load a shift's production at one time, eliminating up to nine coil changes." - Monty BrennerPlant Manager
Pullman Industries
Michigan, USA



What's MOST important in a payoff solution? Not every application requires the precision control of AWC's patented "constant tension" system. NOW introducing the COMP BUSTER line of wire and flat stock dereelers from Accra-Wire Controls, Inc. Take a giant step in quality while enjoying the savings! With the COMP BUSTER line you get AWC quality, heavy-duty construction, inertia rated, custom-engineered machines for the LEAST possible investment. While COMP BUSTER line machines do not employ our "constant tension" system, they do provide a smooth dependable payoff at an investment LOWER than our competitors. Now rather than shopping on price alone, you can have both AWC quality and value.
saves floor space by loading from the front
with Oscillated Wound Coils
provides the simplest adjustment and threading in the industry
with wire
• Machines shown with Accra-Flex arm, but can be ordered with any of our
   standard control arms.
• Built to AWC's quality specifications; sturdy, rugged, only top quality parts used.
• Simple setup and easy to operate.
Can feed from back to front OR front to back to save floor space and load from aisle.
• Flexible to accommodate variety of material.
• Accommodates quick changeover.
• Virtually maintenance free.
• Downtime minimized.
• Electronically controlled speed for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
• Over 35 years maintenance experience incorporated into each machine.
• For higher speeds, heavier loads, wider material or heavier material, consult AWC.
Model COMP-28 COMP-30 COMP-100 COMP-200
Capacity (lbs) 2.000 3,000 3,500 5,500
Speed (RPM) 0-30 0-43 0-23 0-20
Width (in.)*
.050" - .250" .050" - .5" Up to 6" Up to 6"
Input Voltage
1 Phase
115/230 VAC
Foot Print,
HxLxW (in.)
59 x 65 x 45 59 x 65 x 50
Table Sizes (in.) 32" 45" 50"
*Depending on material. AWC may require sample
Consult AWC for the right choice for YOUR application

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