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"When I presented my challenges to Accra-Wire Controls, it was apparent that the technology used in tension control and coil handling could really help us. We are now able to load a shift's production at one time, eliminating up to nine coil changes." - Monty BrennerPlant Manager
Pullman Industries
Michigan, USA



For hard to handle chrome silicon or tempered wire up to .750" in diameter

The D-1000 Series is designed to handle up to .750" diameter wire, such as oil tempered and chrome silicon. These wires are notorious for causing safety hazards and quality issues.
The D-1000 Series will tame these difficult wires, making production of high quality parts much safer and more efficient.

- Split "clamshell" cover reduces need for high ceilings

- Programmable, variable speed regenerative DC drive

- Premium, low maintenance drive components

- Slide rail speed control reduces mechanical wear on production machinery

- Can be designed to handle carriers or coils

- Easy access for coil rebanding

- Eases coil handling with fwd. or rev. rotation

D-1000 with "clamshell" open

Shows safety of operation
If the machines shown do not fit your application, consult AWC for custom equipment design.

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