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"When I presented my challenges to Accra-Wire Controls, it was apparent that the technology used in tension control and coil handling could really help us. We are now able to load a shift's production at one time, eliminating up to nine coil changes." - Monty BrennerPlant Manager
Pullman Industries
Michigan, USA


The following information is necessary for providing you with a quotation and building the correct dereeler for your specific needs. Please fill in all possible information to the best of your knowledge. It is a good idea to print this sheet before sending, so you have a reference point for subsequent discussions with a qualified AWC representative.
Quotation Sheet - Pallet Decoilers

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Person (Real Name): *
Address for brochures: *
Email: *
Phone: *
Rep Firm:
How did you hear about us?:

Pancake or Oscillated Wound Coils
My dimensions are all in:
inches mm
Please refer to the diagram at the left for the following values:
     (Mat. Width)
     (Mat Thickness)
     (Total Height)

No. of coils:
Total Weight:
Material Type:
Hot Roll Cold Roll Stainless
Aluminum Brass Copper
Galvanized Other
Do the pallet's cross boards show within the coil ID? Yes No
Are all the coils wound and placed on the pallet in the same direction? Yes No

Type of Feeder: Air Servo Other
Is there a powered straightener in-line? Yes No
If yes, what is max speed (F.P.M.)
Strokes/Min Feed Length
Dwell/Off Time Feet/Minute

Is line speed continuous? Yes No
If no, (e.g. pre-notch) complete "stamping section" above
Line Speed (F.P.M.)
E-Stop Decel Time
Ramp-up Accel time  

Other Information
Voltage Available Material Line Height
How is material run in process?
Burr Up Burr Down
Type of decoilers being replaced
How many lines could be equipped with pallet decoilers?

Any other helpful information:
If the diagrams shown do not fit your application, consult AWC for custom equipment design.

Please check the accuracy of all figures and information before you ask for a quote.
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