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"When I presented my challenges to Accra-Wire Controls, it was apparent that the technology used in tension control and coil handling could really help us. We are now able to load a shift's production at one time, eliminating up to nine coil changes." - Monty BrennerPlant Manager
Pullman Industries
Michigan, USA


Our Custom Polycarbonate Safety Shields

Introducing Accra-Wire Controls NEW line of fully adjustable articulating polycarbonate safety shields. Originally designed to be used for spring machines, the new Accra Safety Shield is great for any situation that requires a protective barrier without sacrificing easy access to the process. Accra Safety Shields are durable yet light weight. The fully adjustable articulating arm allows the operator to move the shield in any direction effortlessly. Accra Safety Shields come in 3 standard sizes, custom sizes are avalible. Optional equipment includes: work light, removable plastic film, colored lens for welding applications, and manual, electronic, or Pneumatic actuator for automatic shield movement. All Accra Safety Shields come standard with an interlock to shut down your machine if the shield is moved out of position.
A custom polycarbonate safety shield being raised with a drill press
Lowered with a Drill Press
Raised with a Drill Press
Lowered with a Lathe
Raised with a Lathe
• Can be placed around your machine in any 360 degree direction.
• Comes with interlock so that when the shield is moved it will shut down
   your machine automatically.
• Simple setup and easy to operate.
• Virtually maintenance free.
• Over 35 years maintenance experience incorporated into each machine.
• Work light
• Colored lens for welding applications
• Removeable plastic film for easy clean-up
• Electronic or Pneumatic movement
Model SSM-24 SSM-32
Shield Size 24" x 24" 32" x 32"
Consult AWC for the right choice for YOUR application

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